How to setup MCE IR Remote for XBMC

September 24, 2011

IR Remote model which I am using is “Noah Company MediaGate HA-IR01SV Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Ultimate MCE Remote Control, 1 Channel IR (Silver)”.

Steps to get it working

    • Connect the IR receiver to the USB port.
    • Install lirc
      sudo apt-get install lirc
    • In the configuration page shown for lirc during installation, you have to choose the type of remote. Here choose as “Windows Media Center Transceivers/Remotes (all)”. Select OK
    • For any of the other selections asked in next configuration pages, proceed with the default option selected.
    • To test if setup is proper, open console and enter command "irw". It should appear to hang, now press buttons in the remote, and you should see the key presses printed on the terminal.

Now you are ready to use your remote with XBMC.



YouTube leanback

July 8, 2010

YouTube leanback allows users to navigate YouTube videos just with keyboard, and gives a TV viewing like experience.

2 problems or how to do things I find are –

  • Is it possible to link IR remote control to leanback so that I can control using remote.
  • How to search for vidoes

How to start XBMC on Ubuntu Login

January 23, 2010

Install xmbc standalone scripts

sudo apt-get install xbmc-standalone

Create a user account xbmc, and set xbmc user to auto login, follow steps in this link to do it

Logout and for xbmc user select session as xbmc.  Now login to xbmc, it should start xbmc automatically on login

Now do a reboot and check if xbmc is starting automatically

How to play DVD using XBMC

January 14, 2010

This was  question  for which I could not find  answer in XBMC documentation/wiki. So thought this might be useful for someone who wants do the same thing.

The solution was actually simple.  In the left pane of XBMC, there is play button, so you have to insert the DVD and press this button to start playing DVD.

But there is an issue, when you do this when you are starting XBMC from within Gnome or KDE environment. XBMC will not play the DVD.  In this case you have disable auto mount of dvd in the Gnome or KDE environement.

Read the docs here to do it –