Energy Saving A/C

June 21, 2010
A new A/C technology has been invented which will reduce energy consumption by 50 to 90% which is really amazing.
Also it’s not using CFC. This kind of technology is a boon to both the environment and people.


Difference between Alligator & Crocodile

May 31, 2010

Similar to my post about Difference between Turtle and Tortoise

See link here about the difference
Seems like its hard to tell the difference

Difference between Turtle and Tortoise

May 25, 2010

Whenever I see a Tortoise or Turtle I don’t know what I should say to my 3 year old kid. I didn’t want to confuse him by saying sometimes this a Tortoise and sometimes this is a Turtle. I reminded myself to checkout the difference about these two in internet someday. So today I did just that, and I got answers.

Important difference is it if stays only on land its Tortoise and if it stays in water its Turtle. you can read more about this here Turtle & Tortoise

Wikipedia details about Tortoise and Turtle

Merge PDF

April 22, 2010

I have had couple of occasions where I had to print more than 1 PDF file, but problem was if I sent each PDF one by one to the printer, the printer prints each PDF with this own covering page.
This was not environmentally good, because we are wasting not 1 covering page, but more.

So I searched and found this nice tool, which takes in PDFs and gives output merged as 1 PDF.