Using Ubuntu GUI remotely using NoMachine or Xming from Windows 7

March 12, 2012

Solution 1: NoMachine


Solution 2: Xming



I am using  NoMachine, as Xming( was slow even after using SSH compression. And the latest version of Xming(, which possibly has fixes for slow GUI ( was not  available for free.


Eclipse CRLF and File Encoding

July 21, 2011

If you are sharing a project which would be edited both in Windows and Unix systems, then its best to set the New text file line delimiter settings for eclipse to Unix. To do this Open Eclipse preferences from Windows->Preferences. Navigate to General -> Workspace and then for the “New text file line delimiter” choose radio button “Other” and from the list select “Unix”. Also since eclipse by default is not using file encoding UTF-8, its best to set that also while you are doing this. Under “Text file encoding” choose radio button “Other” and from the list select “UTF-8”.

JadClipse – GUI Jad Decompile Eclipse plugin

October 11, 2010

After installing I tried to decompile a class but got error – org.eclipse.core.runtime.CoreException: The Class File Viewer cannot handle the given input (‘org.eclipse.ui.ide.FileStoreEditorInput’)

This forum post gives the solution to the above problem –