Sync Google contacts with Nokia E63 phone contacts

Follow steps below to sync your Google contacts with Nokia E63 phone contacts.


  • Go to Menu -> Tools -> Sync
  • Select Options -> New Sync profile
  • Give profile name for example Google sync
  • Go inside Application->Select Contacts
  • Give the following
    Include in sync – Yes
    Database in phone – C:Contacts.cdb
    Remote databases – contacts
    Synchronization type – Both ways

  • Now come back to the edit profile page and go to Connection Settings, and give the following details
    Server version – 1.2
    Server ID – Google
    Data bearer – Internet
    Access point – Always ask
    Host address –
    Port – 443
    User name –
    Password –
    Allow sync request – Yes
    Accept all sync requests – No
    Network authentication – No
  • You are all set, now Open the sync profile and select Synchronize.

41 Responses to Sync Google contacts with Nokia E63 phone contacts

  1. Glenn says:

    You are a legend!!
    Thanks for this.

  2. george says:

    But having followed all the steps, when I click on “Synchronise”, the system appears to make a connection to the Google server, but I then get a message that reads: “Unable to open database”.
    Please help!

  3. Put the REMOTE DATABASE as ‘contacts’ will work.It works for me

  4. suprabhat says:

    I tried the sync on E63. it was working just fine until i started getting the error “Invalid Host Address” . Thy sync just begins to process and immdly i get the above error message. This was the same setting that worked earlier. What could be the problem ?

    • Hari says:

      Try this one

      “The solution was found strangely — I tried to sync over GPRS connection and, voila, everything synced. Looking through the router setup I found that there was no default gateway for devices connected over Wi-Fi and IP assigned using DHCP (all the home devices use static addresses) so that Nokia E65 was not getting the gateway I suppose to get to the Google’s side.”

  5. suprabhat says:

    Thanks, it is working just fine now

  6. 1234qwer says:

    Hi ! Thanks for the sharing, however I got a problem. I am using E63 as well, but cant see the “Database in phone” field. The phone is using the latest firmare 500.21.010, could you please shed a light for me? thanks!

  7. milinda says:

    This works but only syncs 50 of my 400 contacts. Can someone help me out here? thanks!

    • Terry says:

      Press Sync again for several times in order to sync all contacts~ Each time it syncs 50 contacts

      • milinda says:

        Yeah i figured it loaded more the second time and subsequent times i did it. thanks! this method really saved me a lot of trouble!

  8. amol says:

    it works but while syning it automatically get disconnected and shows “Systemt error”

    • Terry says:

      First, make sure the setting is correct. Second, how many contacts do you have? I am not sure if there are a lot of contacts, error may occur.

  9. doc says:

    all done but it says server not responding

  10. it says server not responding

  11. myoptik says:

    i get server not responding too, any ideas

  12. Deepak says:

    Hi Friends, I am also unable to copy contacts from Gmail to Mobile (E63). showing unable to open database.
    Please suggest.

  13. Carlos Filho says:

    Deepak, I’m tried to use Mail for Exchange, but only some contacts has numbers.

  14. Bernard says:

    It works for me! Thanks a lot!

  15. nam viet says:

    I also get “Serve not responding”. Any idea?

  16. Andre says:

    Hi, I get “system error”
    Also I didn’t find the option “Database in phone” to put “C:Contacts.cdb”
    Can you help?

  17. Chris says:

    Many Thanks was really pleased to import my contacts so easily can the calendar be synced in the same way?

  18. Mohsin Rasheed says:

    there is an error of invalid user name or password, whats the solution?

  19. RiDo says:

    Wow! thanks. I had to put my gmail username n password though. worked after 2-3 tries.

  20. Farhan says:

    Awesome man!
    Initially i wrote the url wrong. forgot the (s) of (http) but after fixing url, it worked like a piece of cake!

  21. Zaheer Baig Karachi says:

    thanks for the NICE post but after uploading my 839 contacts error massage appear that “invalid host address” even after many tries problem not resolved. Also i could not see but cant see the “Database in phone” field. in my phone Please suggest me the possible solution

  22. vizzgen says:

    hi! does the link ( still work? i have tried this for a number of times now, but my phone says “unable to open database”..

  23. LAFS says:

    I had an error message in my first try using WiFi, but using 3G it worked fine. Thank you!

  24. Swatantra says:

    Hi all, If u r getting “invalid Host Address” error, which is not been solved even after try other connections like gprs, wifi or any, and even not worked after changing “contacts” to “Contacts” and than again to “contacts”, than u can try this, move all ur contacts either to PC Suite or to memory card, than delete all and than sync with gmail, and than bring back ur contacts from backup. It worked for me….

  25. Deepak says:

    I didn’t find the option “Database in phone” to put “C:Contacts.cdb”
    Can you help?

  26. Ngo Khong says:

    Hi, I can’t connect to the server when select “Synchronize”. My phone is connected to the Internet by Wifi. Has anyone have the same problem?

  27. prasad says:

    i also same host address

  28. Vivek says:

    Thanks a dozen tons !! life become easy with your solution. It worked like a charm.
    ( 50 contacts per sync) (option not available in phone but i guess its optional as without it also it worked “Database in phone” to put “C:Contacts.cdb” )

  29. HakunaMatata says:

    1) I don’t get the local database field; 2) I am getting “invalid username or password” error.
    My firmware is 510.21.010 Nokia E63-1 (I’m from India).

    Any suggestions?

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