Sync Google contacts with Nokia E63 phone contacts

July 25, 2011

Follow steps below to sync your Google contacts with Nokia E63 phone contacts.


  • Go to Menu -> Tools -> Sync
  • Select Options -> New Sync profile
  • Give profile name for example Google sync
  • Go inside Application->Select Contacts
  • Give the following
    Include in sync – Yes
    Database in phone – C:Contacts.cdb
    Remote databases – contacts
    Synchronization type – Both ways

  • Now come back to the edit profile page and go to Connection Settings, and give the following details
    Server version – 1.2
    Server ID – Google
    Data bearer – Internet
    Access point – Always ask
    Host address –
    Port – 443
    User name –
    Password –
    Allow sync request – Yes
    Accept all sync requests – No
    Network authentication – No
  • You are all set, now Open the sync profile and select Synchronize.

Apache Ant target execute based on condition

July 21, 2011

To execute an Ant target based on condition, use the “if” attribute of the target,

<target name="build-module-A" if="module-A-present"/>

if the module-A-present property is set (to any value, e.g. false), the target will be run.

<target name="use-file" depends="-check-use-file" if="${file.exists}">

As of Ant 1.8.0, you may instead use property expansion; a value of true (or on or yes) will enable the item, while false (or off or no) will disable it. Other values are still assumed to be property names and so the item is enabled only if the named property is defined.

Eclipse CRLF and File Encoding

July 21, 2011

If you are sharing a project which would be edited both in Windows and Unix systems, then its best to set the New text file line delimiter settings for eclipse to Unix. To do this Open Eclipse preferences from Windows->Preferences. Navigate to General -> Workspace and then for the “New text file line delimiter” choose radio button “Other” and from the list select “Unix”. Also since eclipse by default is not using file encoding UTF-8, its best to set that also while you are doing this. Under “Text file encoding” choose radio button “Other” and from the list select “UTF-8”.

Internet Explorer min-width CSS property does not work

July 13, 2011

If the min-width property does not work in Internet Explorer

check if your html has DOCTYPE setup.

min-width details from MSDN site –
states that

This property is enabled only under the strict !DOCTYPE.