Making HP Deskjet 1050 All-in-One printer to work in Ubuntu 10.10

April 26, 2011

Installing Kindle For PC on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat

April 17, 2011

I wanted to use Kindle For PC in Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat using “Wine”, but got the below error while running install .exe

fixme:system:SetProcessDPIAware stub!

After some Google search, found that upgrading Wine to latest version “Wine 1.3” will solve this problem.
Follow the steps given in this link to upgrade Wine to 1.3 –
After that open Wine Configuration, and set Windows version to “Windows 98” .
Now again run the Kindle installation exe to install and run Kindle without problems.

Ubuntu Linux command line tool to Convert PDF to Image and from Image to PDF

April 7, 2011

To convert Convert PDF to Image and from Image to PDF, follow the below steps,

Note- To get a higher quality image while converting from PDF to image, use options, like for example below

convert -quality 100 -density 600x600 multipage.pdf single%d.jpg

More about the options are available here –