How Pandora Grew to Get 60 Million Listeners (via GigaOM)

July 22, 2010

I am using Pandora in PC either through Boxee or Web Browser, so I can’t comment about using it on Iphone, but why I like and why I think its increasing its users base is because
– Its free
– I like the way the UI is designed, its simple yet captures all the needs like search, feedback like, don’t like etc
– Very good at creating stations which I think are like playlists which you don’t have to create
– Allows users to be exposed and explore the world music, because before using Pandora I was very rare listener of music , but after being introduced to it, I have started listening to music atleast 3 times a week.

How Pandora Grew to Get 60 Million Listeners One of my long-standing beliefs is that when you add connectivity to any device, you open up a new world of opportunities. Whether it's the dashboard in your car, your television screen or simply your gaming machine, Internet changes everything. One company that seems to have taken that lesson to heart is Pandora, which after nearly ten years of struggle has hit its stride and is growing at a rapid clip. Today, the company announced it has 60 mil … Read More

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Pogoplug Gets Down to Business

July 20, 2010

Pogoplug Gets Down to Business.

Wow, this is really amazing, this is something like having your own Google Docs like solution, but without having to worry about security concerns of your data being stored outside your house or company. I think the next step of Pogoplug will be to provide a Google docs like interface to manage the stored data.

Coding on Cloud

July 14, 2010

On reading about Google App Inventor for Android – , I thought of searching the web to find out if there are services or IDEs to Code on cloud. Seems like there are – Giving below list of them and also blog post links about these kind of services

NoSQL Pioneers Are Driving the Web’s Manifest Destiny (via GigaOM)

July 13, 2010

I find the classification of NoSQL databases useful, if I am going to use a NoSQL db anytime in future I am going to look at this table.

Also I found this website which gives a vast list of NoSQL databases

NoSQL Pioneers Are Driving the Web's Manifest Destiny Twitter has scaled back its plans to store billions of tweets using Cassandra, a non-relational database project that Facebook created and open sourced. Friday night, Twitter said that it will still use Cassandra in a new real-time analytics project it is building, but the decision to move away from plans to migrate tweets from its current MySQL database to Cassandra is seen by some as a blow to startups and open-source projects that are attempti … Read More

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YouTube Blog: What’s bigger than 1080p? 4K video comes to YouTube

July 13, 2010

YouTube Blog: What’s bigger than 1080p? 4K video comes to YouTube.

Giving below links which help to understand HD concepts

Git fatal: remote end hung up

July 9, 2010

The most common reason for “Git fatal: remote end hung up” is due to wrong ssh authentication or some other SSH issue.

This Stack overflow thread discusses and gives solution for this issue Git fatal: remote end hung up – Stack Overflow

I got this error because while installing Git in Windows , I choose to use Plink.exe because I had it already installed, but it turned out this option works with Pageant loaded with ssh keys. But I was not using ssh with keys. To solve this I changed GIT_SSH environment variable in windows from “C:\Program Files (x86)\Putty\bin\Plink.exe” to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin\ssh.exe”

YouTube leanback

July 8, 2010

YouTube leanback allows users to navigate YouTube videos just with keyboard, and gives a TV viewing like experience.

2 problems or how to do things I find are –

  • Is it possible to link IR remote control to leanback so that I can control using remote.
  • How to search for vidoes