Merge PDF

April 22, 2010

I have had couple of occasions where I had to print more than 1 PDF file, but problem was if I sent each PDF one by one to the printer, the printer prints each PDF with this own covering page.
This was not environmentally good, because we are wasting not 1 covering page, but more.

So I searched and found this nice tool, which takes in PDFs and gives output merged as 1 PDF.


HTTPS and Cache

April 21, 2010

Does browser cache HTTPS responses?

This was a question I had while doing development.  Giving below my findings,

Did some debugging with Firebug and Fiddler,

Firebug was showing 304(not modified) response code for the files from the server over https

Fiddler was showing 200 response code for the files, and it didn’t show the response headers

Also I searched and found these articles, which discuss about this condition

My conclusion is browser is caching HTTPS reponses, if the response headers have the required cache related headers

Note: Here is a blog post about HTTP caching